Active Dreaming – enhance your Soul Potential!

“…As active dreamers, we travel consciously and intentionally into the dreamspace for healing, initiation and adventure…” Robert Moss

In the language of ancient Egypt, a dream is both an awakening and a place. When we close our ordinary eyes, our eye of Vision opens. When we go dreaming, we travel to other places, perhaps to other times or dimensions or receive visitations from other travelers. From his ancient perspective, dreams are places we go and experiences in which we awaken to realities that my be more or less “real” than everyday physical existence. Dreams are so important because they enrich our lives and (re)- connects us with our Soul´s Voice.

But through the daily routine with all the stress and hectic, we sometimes lose the deeper sense of life. The flow of magic, playfulness and creativity – which implies the art to access a deeper reality and bring the gift to manifestion – can become a stranger to us. And sometimes we even forget who we really are; the connection to our higher and true self. This is the time where we can ask our soul AND the Universe for an answer. Our soul and the universe are talking to us through images, signs, synchronicity and symbols. But unfortunately it can be that we forget to listen to our soul´s message or we don´t have the time or even we feel that we just missed an important message from the universe.
Stepping into a mythic life helps you to answer profound life questions. It can even shift things on an energetic level and helps you to align to what you really seek for. It actually can bring Synchronicity into your life and you can feel guided by a higher force.
A bigger story is seeking you!

* Meeting the Gate Keeper
* Dream Re-entry
* The Lightning Dream Work
* Synchronicity Game
* Shamanic journeys
* Dream Theatre
* Dream Incubation

* Journey and Healing to Past and Parallel Lives
* learn how to understand Signs, Symbols and Images as a message from our soul and the universe

Active Dreaming helps you to unlock your creativity. I am offering Dream Coaching and Active Dreaming Workshops.