Mystery School Training – Become a Priestess of the Soul 2022

Become a Priestess of the Soul

Your Soul is calling…

Open the Portal to some of the Mysteries of Nature, your Soul, the moon, the Stars and the Sun, and recover wisdom passed down by ancient civilizations; such as Incan, Toltec, Mayan and Egyptian.

The Priestess, you will become, can see through the veil of illusion into the conscious and subconscious realms, the seen and the unseen, and is be guided by her own inner wisdom. Only the initiated may enter this realm. The Priestess is the symbol of female intelligence and represents intuition and inner wisdom. She calls for determination and decision, but with consideration for the feelings of others. She stands for a happy life combined with empathy, trust and compassion. Becoming a Priestesses of the Soul brings pure magical Soul Medicine into the world.

As a feminine Explorer you will embark on a journey into the mystical unknown and mine your spiritual and creative treasures. Let your magical child and intuition guide you on the adventures to greater fulfillment. Let your Soul‘s Power unfold.

In order to become a Priestess of the Soul you will progress through the two Pillars of Teachings namely Lunar Path and Solar Path.

The Union Path is open for everyone.

You will learn many different techniques, including Dream healing, shamanic & healing tools, working with Crystals, creation and holding of ceremonies, Divination practice, guided meditations and Breathwork. And most of all, you will build a beautiful relationship with the spiritual world. You will become a Wisdom Keeper and enter again the Sacred Sisterhood.

There will be also an experiential focus on Trance Dance, Sacred Embodiment, Sound Healing, creative Writing and Storytelling.

Most of the work will take place in a ceremonial context.

Within that space, you will receive Sacred Initiations which are the catalysts for your alchemical, spiritual Transformation.

My Ethos as a spiritual and creative practitioner, is based on the importance of experiential, transformational and creative growth. Empowerment, playfulness, self-expression are key to the Quest for stepping into your wholeness of Being.

Through dream work, participants can learn to understand and interpret the messages that their soul “sends” to them. Through the Deep Transformational Processes and Shamanic Tools, participants can transform their subconscious, release and cleanse themselves of “old” patterns, and then come more fully into their power of manifestation. Through the soul retrieval and the “search for the lost soul fragments” they can find more access to their own medicine and their own power. They arrive more within themselves through this work. By connecting with highest Light realms, Star & Light Beings, you will become more and more a Channeler between the worlds and shine your Light.

I believe that most people are longing to access their soul medicine and their own inner knowledge & wisdom. They long to rediscover their own access to the divine and to be guided from within. They long to connect to their natural and higher self.

It is important to understand that it is necessary to go through both Pillars of Teaching to really integrate the Medicine. But you can also choose to participate at one Pillar of Teaching. But just if you finished both Pillars of Teaching you will receive a Certificate and are allowed to guide your own Ceremonies as a Priestess of the Soul

The Union is open to everyone!

The Lunar Path Starts March 2022

First Pillar of Teaching – a 7 week Immersion into the Mystery of your Soul – Lunar Path – ONLINE:

  • Temple of Soul – Dates: 18. – 20.03. 2022

  • Module: Temple of Crystals – Dates: 01. – 03.04.2022

  • Module: Temple of the Stars – Dates: 20. – 22. May 2022

    • Time Schedule for all the weekends:

    • Fridays: Opening Ceremony 7 – 10 pm

    • Saturdays: Teachings & Practice 4 – 8 pm

    • Sunday: Teachings and Activations 10 am – 2 pm

  • Plus 4 Zoom Live Calls

    Dates: 23.03., 30.03., 13.04., 27.04.2022 from 7 – 9 pm

    All Sessions will be recorded!

    In the Training there are 11 recorded Audio Meditations, Handouts

    and 7 Video Activations from Sacred Sites from Mexico included!!!

Fee for the Lunar Path: 444,- Euro


The Solar Path starts in May 2022:

one intense week in Alentejo, Portugal, 02. – 08. May 2022

  • Temple of Ceremony

  • Temple of Creativity

  • Temple of Divination

Fee for just the Solar Path: 600,- Euro

Travel Cost, Full Board and Accommodation are not included!

If you book both Training Paths the Fee is: 950,- Euro

Installment payment is possible!

This Training contains Handouts, 11 guided recorded Audio Meditations, more than 100 hours of Teaching and a monthly Zoom Group Call.

Travel Cost, Full Board and Accommodation are not included!

Become a Priestess of the Soul – Join us now!

From your investment for the Training, there will be 50 trees planted. Part of the fee will be donated for the onetreeplanted Organisation:

Amazon Rainforest


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