Mystery School Training – Become a Priestess of the Soul 2022

Open the Portal to some of the Mysteries of Nature, your Soul, the moon, the Stars and the Sun, and recover wisdom passed down by ancient civilizations; such as Incan, Toltec and Egyptian.

Become a Bridge Builder between Levels of Perceptions and Dimensions. Learn how to navigate in different worlds, using Your Soul Compass.

As an Explorer embark on a journey into the mystical unknown and mine your spiritual and creative treasures. Let your magical child and intuition guide you on the adventures to greater fulfillment. Let your Soul‘s Power unfold.

In order to become a Mystery School Adept, you will progress through the three Pillars of Teachings namely Lunar Path, Solar Path, and the Cosmic Union.

In order to do this, you will learn many different techniques, including Conscious Dreaming, shamanic & healing tools, creation and holding of ceremonies, Divination practice, guided meditations, Kenetic Body Excercises and Breathwork.

There will be also an experiential focus on Trance Dance, Sacred Embodiment, Sound Healing, creative Writing and Storytelling.

Most of the work will take place in a ceremonial context. Within that space, You will receive Sacred Initiations which are the catalysts for your alchemical, spiritual Transformation.

Participants will make use of the tools and processes that they acquire to become Self-Healers. Using their new tool kits, participants will assemble the skills to create their own medicine. They will develop their unique Soul map in order to create their medicine which enable self-healing and set them on the path to become future Priestesses of the Soul.

My Ethos as a spiritual and creative practitioner, is based on the importance of experiential, transformational and creative growth. Empowerment, playfulness, self-expression are key to the Quest for stepping into your wholeness of Being.

Through dream work, participants can learn to understand and interpret the messages that their soul “sends” to them. Through the Deep Transformational Processes and Shamanic Tools, participants can transform their subconscious, release and cleanse themselves of “old” patterns, and then come more fully into their power of manifestation. Through the soul retrieval and the “search for the lost soul fragments” they can find more access to their own medicine and their own power. They arrive more within themselves through this work.

I believe that most people are longing to access their soul medicine and their own inner knowledge & wisdom. They long to rediscover their own access to the divine and to be guided from within. They long to connect to their natural self and higher self.

I will support you to liberate this connection and to recover your lost soul parts again and to activate your self-healing powers.

Next Training Starts January 2022

First Pillar of Teaching – Lunar Path – ONLINE:

  1. Module: Temple of Healing – Dates: 7.01. – 09.01. 2022

  2. Module: Temple of Dreaming – Dates: 11.02. – 13.02. 2022

  3. Module: Temple of the Stars – Dates: 18. – 20.03. 2022

Second Pillar of Teaching – Solar Path – On-Site:

one intense week in Alentejo, Portugal, 02. – 08. May 2022

4. Module: Temple of Ceremony

5. Module: Temple of Creativity

6. Module: Temple of Divination

Third Pillar of Teaching – The Union – Completion of the Training – On-Site:

7. Modul: Temple of Union – Dates: 02.06. – 05.06.2022 Location will be announced soon!

The cost of the whole Training is 2.100,- Euro

Installment payment is possible!

Travel Cost, Full Board and Accommodation are not included!


From your investment for the Training, there will be 50 trees planted. Part of the fee will be donated for the onetreeplanted Organisation:

Amazon Rainforest