Solar Path Ascension Journey – Priestess Retreat

Receive seven beautiful initiations to connect with your primordial feminine power. With each initiation, you will journey deeper into inner healing, unlock your creativity, become a pillar of light and embody the Priestess. Through ceremonial Practices, Sacred Embodiment, Sound Healing, creativity, Playfulness, and Priestess work, you will unlock the skills within yourself and receive precious knowledge, so you know what’s your unique gift to the world.
Part 1 – Temple of Ceremony
Initiation of 7 Priestesses
Earth Priestess – Opening of chakras and capacity of self-healing
Water Priestess – Letting go of stuck emotions and softening
Priestess of Sacred Site – Connecting to your soul family lineage
Priestess of Love – Opening of the heart chamber and receiving blessings
Wind Priestess – Activating power and expressing your authentic self
Seer Priestess – Strengthening your visionary power
Creatrix Priestess – Rising into your freedom of soul flight
PART II – Temple of Creativity
Devotional & Ceremonial Practices
Embodiment and Honouring of the Goddess & Priestess. Learn how to navigate the energetic realms and bridge messages and energies into this Reality to hold space for others and create ceremonies. Combine your creative and artistic talents with Spirituality’s depth through Sound, Music, Writing and Storytelling.
PART III – Temple of Divination
In Divination and Oracle work, everything in your life is mirrored, and synchronicity happens. Seers are dancing with synchronicity. Everything is only a fraction of reality. Everything we perceive is an image or mirror of the big picture. Things in Divination Work are showing up at the moment and are a hologram of the big picture. We learn how to see beyond linear time.
Seminar Fee; early Bird until mid of July: 450,- Euro
Regular Investment after the Early Bird offer: 500,- Euro
For women who has financial difficulties, there are 2 spots saved with a reduced price. Please contact me!
More information:
* Location:
Our Event will be hosted at the Holistic Eco Retreat Center Monte Velho, Alentejo Portugal
Unique Nature. Unique Experiences.
Monte Velho is located in the middle of nowhere, where south-western Europe sinks into the Atlantic. It is a region enriched by the strength of its’ nature, where the high cliffs overlook the ocean, filling the air with a fresh breeze, spreading myths and tales of fishermen, sailors and pirates, sunken ships and great fisheries.
*Event Space:
We will make our Retreat in the beautiful Garden Temple:
A circular beautifully designed yoga pavillion with heated cork wood floor, surrounded by a green garden and a little pound that offers panoramic Ocean views.
At Monte Velho we serve vegan and vegetarian food cooked with care and love.
We pay attention to the principles of Ayurveda as we understand the healing effects of food. This traditional system of medicine is based on studying the unique conditions of each one individually.
Looking to personal attitudes, intolerances, time of the year, and being aware of how to bring Joy and Love to our dishes while avoiding animal products.
Our chefs design balanced menus to provide all the nutrients for good health and create inspiring plant-based dishes.
Accommodation at the Venue is not included. You can choose different options:
Single room 100€ (per day)
Double room 130€ (65€ per person per day)
Triple room 165€ (55€ per person per day)
Quadruple room 220€ (55€ per person per day)
The catering is provided 3 meals per day:
The price per person per day is 35€
PRICES for check out and check in day: BREAKFAST 7€ DINNER 15€
PRICE for everyday meals, 3 meals included: 35 €
Meal times are: breakfast: 9.00h Lunch:13h Dinner: 19h
On-Site 29. August – 4. September 2021
Location: Monte Velho, Portugal
8670-230 Aljezur – Portugal
* The nearest Airport is Faro.
It needs a one and a half hour drive from the airport to Monte Velho.


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