Coaching in Nature

A nature or outdoor coaching helps you to get in touch with yourself and your soul. Unfortunately, due to today’s technologically advanced times, we are often distracted from the really important things in everyday life and stress rather rules our thoughts and actions. Due to the current situation, we may be sitting in front of the computer more than usual through home schooling and home office. We feel separated from our body and natural habitat. In large cities in particular, we are flooded with stimuli every day. A very conscious exit from this daily routine and an entry into the nature / outdoor space can bring us to rest and create inner balance and harmony. We can experience a reconnection to nature and ourselves in the forest, in contact with trees and animals. Nature is often a mirror of our soul and enables magical moments. Everything in the universe is living energy, including our thoughts and feelings. With coaching, it can happen that nature reacts to your energy that you radiate and that you can recognize yourself in it. As your Coach, I like to accompany you through your process and support you to empower yourself, to find answers to difficult questions, to let go and / or to realign your life. The nice thing about nature coaching is that nature helps like a spiritual teacher.
In my nature coaching I offer among other things:

* Nature coaching exercises
* Prayer bundle ceremony
* Nature rituals
* shamanic journeys
* Connection to the elements
* Nature as a mirror

A session takes place in different locations. Depending on where you live, we can meet in the following parks:
* Rehberge
* Treptower Park
* Blankenfelde public park
* Britzer garden

A session lasts about 90 – 120 minutes and costs 85, – Euro – without travel time.

But we can also get into nature outside of Berlin. You would have to plan more time for this.

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