Dream Healing

In the language of ancient Egypt, a dream is both an awakening and a place. When we close our ordinary eyes, our inner eyes open. When we dream, we travel to other places – perhaps at other times or in other dimensions – and/or receive visits from other travellers, spiritual helpers or power animals. From this old perspective, dreams are not just things that bubble up from our personal subconscious when we sleep. They are places we travel to and where we gain experience. These other realities exist just like our “everyday reality”. This perspective is wiser and deeper than many contemporary discussions in which dreams are often described as passive and very personal experiences.
As active dreamers, we consciously travel to the dream space for healing, initiation, adventure and inspiration. The royal road for this kind of active dreaming opens through the gate of remembered dreams and visions, into which we re-enter.

Dream healing can bring deep healing and renewal on many levels of your life. It can awaken our creative power, inspire us, bring back parts of our souls, break away from old patterns and habits, heal our ancestral line, bring the dead to light and bring parallel life and therefore our lives back into flow. Dream work can make us active dreamers who sometimes make a radical turnaround in their lives, as they clearly follow their inner guidance and the synchronicities of life.

I offer both workshops and individual sessions for dream healing.

An individual Session takes 90 – 120 minutes and cost between 85 – 120,- Euro depending on Self-Evaluation.