2022 Initiations of the Pleiades in the magical forest of Broceliande

Qoto Kuna Karpay
The Qèros, the original inhabitant from the high plateau of the Andes, believe that we are children of the stars and especially descendants from the Pleiades. The Stars are our beloved and sacred Sisters and Brothers. When we lighten up our Soullight, we become a Star walking on earth. We will bring change allready through our presence. The Pleiades are playing a very important role in the cosmology of the Inka´s and Qèros. This luminary Starconstellation brings Strength and Power of Light to us and to Pachamama; Mother Earth. Through this energetic Transmission and Starconnection, we can feel much more home and secure in us. The Pleiades-Initiations are helping us to release deep-rooted fears and recover and discover buried or blocked Potentials for us. It strengthen our purpose in this world and gives us Strength and grounding to live these Potentials in this life. With these wonderful initiations we bring back the pure Light (Kánchay) in to our soul. The Pleiades are seven Sisters and they have their parents Stars ( Atlas & Pleione). The participants will receive 9 Initiations; energetic transmissions.


About the Forest of Broceliande:
Not far away from Rennes, the capital of Brittany (France), you can visit the Paimpont Forest, also known as a location of the mythical Forest of Broceliande. This enchanting forest is a home of many mysteries and legends. Probably, you have already heard of the Knights of the Round Table, the Arthurian legend, the wizard Merlin, the famous sword Excalibur, Lancelot, Morgan le Fay and Lady of the Lake. All those stories are related to this magical site. The forest of Brocéliande is a perfect Brittany’s mythical place where you can immerse yourself in a magical universe of history and nature.
We will visit Sacred Sites; like the Tomb of Merlin and the Valley of no Return (Morgaine le Faye), the golden Tree and the Castle of Comper (Arthurian Legend).
Dates: 21. – 24. April 2022
Cost: 850,- Euro
with Accommodation and Full Board
We will stay at the “Le Domaine de Broceliande”:
Le domaine de brocéliande is a unique place, specially designed for all types of personal development retreats, yoga, meditation and well-being practices. It is surrounded by nature, an ideal place for those who want to bring their groups to a space conducive to contemplation, meditation and reflexion. It’s a place that calls the evolutionary spirit to be one with nature.
Sheets + Set of Towels:
13 € per person for the duration of the stay
Hotel Service:
Sheets, set of towels and beds made before your arrival
15 € per person for the duration of the stay
Travel Cost are not included!
Min. Group Number 6 People


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