Conscious Dreaming into the Mystery of Womb Lore

Especially in these times, it is so important to (re)- connect with the Divine Feminine, with the Goddess within us and the Womb Universe. In ancient times the Womb was the source of all Creation. The Cosmic Womb was the great Goddess, the black holes, the pure primordial life force to create and destroy; life and death were equal and in this natural cycle of universal law, humans were humble and grateful, they were devotees to the Yoni-Mother, the creator and birther of all Life. Human Beings knew that our soul was eternal and that we are blessed to be on this planet which is the materialized form of the divine. Nature was divine matter and we were all interconnected in the beautiful web of life. In mostly all culture we find Goddesses who were worshipped and who were representing the feminine aspects of the godly. The divine masculine and the divine feminine were both sacred and of equal value.

But as patriarchy ravaged the primordial wisdom, humans disconnected from nature and their own inner wisdom. They lost the deep connection to the Divine Mother and the respect to life. The gateways to the divine feminine closed down.

Now the divine feminine is returning. We know that this lost treasure is like the Holy Grail. We are yearning to hold it again in our hands and nourish us with the balm of this forgotten power, love, sweetness and light.
The time is now!

Conscious Dreaming helps us to journey to our lost Yoni-verse and retrieve lost aspects of our Goddess nature.

We use feminine gateways to do shamanic journeys and meet Goddesses, Symbols and Wisdom of old times. We will journey to other Lifetimes and heal them. We will meet the Lineage of ancient Mystery Schools.

Topics amongst others:

* Egyptian Mystery School
* The Rose Lineage & Mary Magdalene
* Sumerian Goddess(es)
* Lightning Dream work
* Re-enter Dreams
* Fire Ceremonies
* Embody Practice
* Trance Dance

This Workshop is limited to 8 – 10 persons and it will take place outside of Berlin in a beautiful Yurt in nature. You can camp on the site and we will have full board. The cost for accommodation & food is extra and will be announced soon.

Seminar fee:
220,- Euro

Dates: 13. – 15th of August 2021


new dates are coming soon…


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