7 weeks Immersion into the Lunar Path – Online and On-Site Training

The Lunar Path is a spiritual journey into the mysteries of the universe. It is the feminine path of power, connected to the divine mother, the void, the dark matter, the womb of life, and the stars. It ́s the Sacred Black Light who transforms everything into a new idea and a new beginning. To create Beauty, we need to let die our unconscious and decadent creations.
Yachay – inner wisdom

Part I: Initiation of the Pleiades:
The Light of the Pleiades, according to Andean teachings, acts as a joiner of energy fields. This Divine Light is the Light of our Self. Through the power of intent, we expand ourselves upward through these dimensional realities. This higher Light and Frequency then connects our consciousness to the greater whole. Through this energetic Transmission and Star connection, we can feel much more home and secure in us. The Pleiades-Initiations help us release deep-rooted fears and recover and discover buried or blocked Potentials for us. It strengthens our purpose in this world and gives us strength and grounding to live these Potentials in this life. With these wonderful initiations, we bring back the pure Light (Kánchay) into our soul.
Initiation of Pleiades:
Initiation of Infinite Light
Awakening of 3rd Eye
Connecting to Inner Wisdom
Activating the Temples of the Heart
Reclaiming of Divine Purpose
Reawakening of your potential
Receiving strength to walk your path
Embrace of cosmic parents
Part II: Dream work
One essential part of the Lunar Path is to become conscious of our Dreams. In the language of ancient Egypt, a dream is both an awakening and a place. When we close our ordinary eyes, our inner eyes open. As active dreamers, we consciously travel into dream space for healing, initiation, adventure, and inspiration. The royal road for this type of active dreaming opens through the gateway of remembered dreams and visions that we re-enter. Dream healing can bring deep healing and renewal on many levels of your life. It can awaken our creative power, inspire us, retrieve soul parts, release us from old ancestral patterns and bring our lives back into the flow.
Dream work:
Dream Journal
Re-enter Dreams
Dream healing
Part III: Divination Work
In Divination and Oracle work, everything in your life is mirrored, and synchronicity happens. Seers are dancing with synchronicity. Everything is only a fraction of reality. Everything we perceive is an image or mirror of the big picture. Things in Divination Work are showing up at the moment and are a hologram of the big picture. We learn how to see beyond linear time.
Divination & Oracle Work:
(Coca) Leaf Reading
Reading of the Akashic Record
Becoming a Map Maker (Soul map)
Part IV: Shadow & Underworld Work
The Underworld is also known as the Unconsciousness, where our dreams and our inner self resides. Our instincts and unconscious are also there. Our most hidden issues and our most Power are stored there in our caves’ darkness, for the ancient Incas and Mexicans. To recover our creative powers, we need to travel into the Underworld and befriend ourselves with our unconsciousness to create Beauty.
Shadow Work:
Journeys into the Underworld
Shedding our shadows – Reconnection with the Sacred Black Light
Transformational drama
Next Start January 2022
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The whole Training contains 3 Pillars of Teaching; the Lunar Path, the Solar Path and The Union.
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