The Voice of the Sacred – Archteypeworkshop

We consciously step into the world of gods/goddesses and archetypes.
Together we will broaden our view and our perception and experience what it means to live our life from the place of the mythical. The mythical, the place of the invisible forces of the universe, the gods, the archetypes. The place without words and with infinite power.
Archeytpes are universal principles that manifest themselves through us. Most of the time they want to
communicate something important to us or to society. But if we do not hear this message, the archetype disappears into the shadows and into our subconscious where it can cause chaos in our lives. We will find out which archetype is stuck on the personal and on the collective level and we will bring the energies back into harmony through ceremony.
The more we know the archetypes, the more we can understand our intuition and thus come into harmony. We find out which archetypes are important for us to meet our essence – our true being. We get to know the hero/heroine journey and understand where we are stuck and what resources we need to continue our journey.
Contents of the workshop:
* Archetype Representation
* Altars and ceremonies
* The Ring of Fire
* Insight into the hero’s journey
* The 3-card story (Tracking Tool)