shamanic Dream Healing Session & Active Dreaming

I am now offering shamanic Dream Healing ONLINE sessions
Dreams are not „foams“. In fact, we are the stuff that dreams are made of. Often dreams remind us of repressed desires, potentials, longings or even traumatic experiences. If we repress them, we sometimes lose a part of our soul.
Dream healing is more important than ever for me, because during the last two years in the pandemic we have dreamed differently and lived differently. During this time, many things have changed in us, in the world and also in the collective field. Many speak of a lack of purpose, feeling indecisive, tired and exhausted. There are many people facing challenges and confusion.
So when „the old“ is falling apart and „the new“ is still not fully there, we are asked to rely on our own strength, capacities and potentials. In this time for me we can awake the inner Alchemist. An Alchemist is Someone Who Transforms Things for the Better!
And this Alchemist is a Dreamer and capable to travel into the Unknown to form and shape your inner landscape into a creation that is fully yours.
How do you want to dream?
And what does our soul actually want to tell us?
Which dreams were lost? Or Forgotten? Its time to recover them!
And most important, who do you want to become right now?
Through the beautiful method of dream healing which I was able to learn from Robert Moss, we can travel together into nocturnal dreams and retrieve lost soul parts, strengthen our own creativity and regain inspiration.
Conscious dreaming combines modern, active dream therapy with shamanic healing through dream journeys.
It can awaken our creative strength, inspire us, detach ourselves from old patterns and habits, heal our ancestral lineage, bring the dead to light and bring parallel life and thus also our life back into flow. Dream work can make us active dreamers who sometimes make a radical U-turn in their lives, since they clearly follow their inner guidance and the synchronicities of life.
Cost for a session 2 hours: between 80 and 100,- Euros
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