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Since 2011 I am walking the path of the Andean Tradition. I learned from Dr. Alberto Villoldo and from the peruvian shamans; the Paqos. But I think my shamanic path allready started long time before. I needed to remember, trust in my soul´s journey and my inner strength. Sometimes life teaches us in uncomfortable ways, our lifes appears hard and rough and we looses faith in our destiny.  For me the shamanic work I am doing is a way of bringing us more closer to our true self and lift us up again into realms of freedom, peace and happiness. It can return our courage so that we can rise up again as Gods and Goddesses that we are. We start to honour our past and we can co-create our lifes.


Journey through the Medicine Wheel 2019

The medicine wheel Training is a year long shamanic Programm with 4 modules. Each Module runs from Friday morning until Sunday early evening.  You will step into every cardinal direction, learn from an element (fire, earth, water and wind) and get to know an Archetype. All these universal and natural forces are helping you during your healing and transformation process. They will guide and support you. In every module you will heal old wounds, traumas and pain and cleanse your energy field. You will grow with every direction, align yourself and witness how you become a homo luminous. You will walk in joy, beauty and grace as an earth keeper on mother earth. You become a Pampa Mesayok! You will create your own Mesa; your healing bundle out of 13 stones and crystals and you will be connected to the lineage of ancient shamans of the Anden Incan Tradition. You will be part of an universal, worldwide lineage of Healers who put themselves into service for the highest good of mankind and our planet.

  1. Modul „Sachamama – Amaru“ – the serpent, element earth and the winds of the south: 

You shed your past, release traumas and imprints from your energy field.

  1. Modul „Choquechinchay“ – Otrongo” – the Jaguar, element fire and the winds of the west:

You meet your shadows and fears. You walk with the death and transform him into an ally.

  1. Modul „Cewa Kinti – the hummingbird, element water and the winds of the north:

You become aware of your roles, concepts and entanglements. You burn everything that holds you back from stepping into your power!

  1. Modul „Apuchin/Kuntur“ – the eagle, element air and the winds of the east:

You become clear of your projections. You become aware of your creator power.

Munay Ki Rites – 9 energetic Rites from the Inka Tradition.”…The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past, the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited.  They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently…” 

Nustas Karpay – 7 Sisters

In this course we learn how to work with the femininity that lies deep within ourselves and how to bring up our goddess. We will receive 7 rituals. I will channel the energy of the 7 Sacred Feminine places from their own environment. These nustas, that are also called princesses or goddesses, have different strengths which the healer can call upon. As healers we can thus bring the light of these nustas forward. This will help us to touch every corner of the physical and luminous body so they become fully alive again and connected to our Mother Earth (pachamama, goddess) again.

The Rite of the Womb – The Rite to heal our Womb and clear all the toxic energy from our past and our wounds. Our Womb is to create and give birth to all life. Let´s heal the Womb of our mothers, sisters and daughters and bring healing to Mother Earth.

Cycle of Wisdom – an archetypal journey into the collective! “…In Dance with the Gods, you will experience where you are “stucked” on the level of your soul.  By working in ceremony, you will acquire valuable tools which allow you to honor what shows up on the mythic level, including the seemingly “negative” elements, so that you can bring healing, transformation, and balance to every situation and every encounter…” 

Cyclic Wisdom is a workshop I created out of and get inspired by many different teachings (The Four Winds Society, Marianda Gray, Fountain of Life – Womb Awakening and the Inka Tradition). We will step into the archetypical work for woman. We will journey through the four archetypes that are mostly determine our menstrual cycle. We will step into the mythic legends and energy of four very powerful female archetypes; represented by different Goddess of all time. The four archetypes are: The Virgin, The Mother, The Sorceress and the Old Wise Women.

Energyhealing – I give one to one healing session. I am your faciliator to bring you back into your own power, joy and strength.

Further courses I offer are:

Trance Dance – Despachos – Initiations – Mastana Reading (Divination)

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