Cross-Cultural Shamanism – Ancient meets modern

Welcome to Chaskawisdom! Starwisdom!

Since 2011 I am walking the path of the Andean Tradition. I learned from Dr. Alberto Villoldo and from the peruvian shamans; the Paqos. But I think my shamanic path allready started long time before. I needed to remember, trust in my soul´s journey and my inner strength. Sometimes life teaches us in uncomfortable ways, our lifes appears hard and rough and we looses faith in our destiny.  For me the shamanic work I am doing is a way of bringing us more closer to our true self and lift us up again into realms of freedom, peace and happiness. It can return our courage so that we can rise up again as Gods and Goddesses that we are. We start to honour our past and we can co-create our lifes.