Annette Assmy

Praxis für Körper & Seele, Schliemanstr. 41

10405 Berlin


Shamanic energy work & divination
Chakra Harmonization & Vitalization
Rites & Ceremonies
Initiations from the Inca tradition
Archetype Work & Coaching

Dates and requests:

0176 61315306


2003-2004 stay in Mexico, where I learned from different shamans, among others from the Huichol Indians and Victor Sanchez (apprenticeship after Carlos Castañedas)

2006 Seminar with Dr. Picard in CORE-Shamanism according to Michael Harner

2011 Training in non-violent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg

2012 – 2014 Light Body School Energy Medicine certified by the Four Winds Society (Dr. Alberto Villoldo)

2013 – 2015 Master Courses of the Four Winds Society (Dr. Alberto Villoldo); among others “Walking with Protection”, “Working with the Sacred”, “Advanced Divination” and “Mastery of Time

2014 – 2017 in direct formation with the Paqos (Andean priests) from Peru (Serena Anchanchu), Holland; initiated as Pampa Mesayok – Earth Keeper

2016 Self-Compassion, 6-day workshop with Christine Longaker on self-compassion, self-forgiveness and Buddhist meditation

2016 8 – week course Mindful Selfcompassion according to Christine Neff

2017 Basic DNA Seminar – ThetaHealing® Technique

Advanced DNA Seminar – ThetaHealing® Technique

Dig Deep Seminar – ThetaHealing® Technique

Soul Mate – ThetaHealing® Technique

2019 Dream Teacher Training based on the Teachings of Robert Moss (3 year Training)

2019 Nature coach/therapist

2020 Cacao Guardian Training with Cacao Mama, Berlin

2021 Cacao Facilitator Training with Izaias Mendoza & Izabella Perez; Mayan Calendar