Ñustas Karpay Initiation

In this workshop we learn how to work with the femininity that lies deep within ourselves and how to bring up our goddess power. Every women receive 7 energetic transmissions. The Paqos channeled these energies of the 7 Sacred Feminine places from their own environment in Peru. These nustas, that are also called princesses or goddesses, have different strengths which the healer can call upon. As healers we can thus bring the light of these nustas forward. This will help us to touch every corner of the physical and luminous body so they become fully alive again and connected to our Mother Earth (pachamama, goddess) again.
The seven Goddesses Initiations are:
*The temple of Light with Nusta Mama Ocllo – the seed out of female light will be planted in every Chakra
*The temple of mermaids with Nusta Donia Mujia, Mama Serena, Anchancho – Connection to all waters of mother earth
*The temple of our female ancestors with Nusta Mama Simona – Connection with your female ancestor line
*The temple of Love with Nusta Dona Theresa – opening of your heart Chakra
*The temple of transformation with Nusta Maria Sakapana – Wind, Communication, Honesty with yourself and others
*The temple of Vision with Nusta Huana/Huaman Tiklla – Visionary Power; opening of your third eye
*The temple of freedom with Nusta Thomasa Huaman Tiklla – Transformation, Integration and Balance
These seven powerful initiations connect us with the female arcetypical forces. They will bring balance into our female and masculine energies, open our heart and strengthen the connection with our ancestors and mother earth.
Through these Initiations we will journey deeper to inner healing and open the portal to mythic wisdom. We will create our own magical Wand and learn how to use female powers for healing. With each Nustas/Goddess we will crack open, heal old wounds, unlock our creativity, become pillars of light and embody the Goddess. Each Nusta is connected to other Goddesses of ancient times and help us to recollect old ancient wisdom, connect with power places all over the world and activate these powers within us.
Seminar Cost:
350,- Euro
Travel, accommodation and food is not included!
Location will be announced soon!

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