Walk the Path of a Pampamesayok – shamanic intensive Training, Mesa School & Light Body School

An Earthkeeper is a person who sees with the heart and is again in touch with the spiritual and universal laws and forces. Everything in the universe and on earth is living and vibrating energy. An Earth Keeper opens up to these invisible worlds of energies and natural forces. In the Andes tradition the shamanic and mystical path is understood as Pukllay Kawsay (game of life) and is based on two principles:

Santa Karachi Qellqa – spiritual law and

Ayni – sacred exchange.

The spiritual path of the Children of the Sun (the Incas) is a path of human potential and higher consciousness. It is about creating a state of mutual and living balance within us between the highest virtues within us: visionary power (Yachay), unconditional love (Munay) and physical mastery (Llankay).

The big universal heart is the vehicle to make forgiveness and inner liberation possible. To live with an open and receptive heart means to practice Ayni (sacred reciprocity), become a vessel of compassionate love, reclaim our lost soul parts, meet our shadows and experience emotional clearing. And we begin to act peacefully and live in integrity.

Becoming an Earth Keeper means that you increase your ability to manifest change in this world. An important part is for you to personally find out what your medicine is, what you want to share with your family, your friends, your community and the planet itself, and how you want to “serve” something greater.

Education info:

The Mesa School is shamanic Programm with 4 modules. Each Module runs from Thursday Evening until Sunday midday. You will step into every cardinal direction, learn from an element (fire, earth, water and wind) and get to know an Archetype. All these universal and natural forces are helping you during your personal healing journey. They will guide and support you. You will grow with every direction, align yourself and witness how you become a homo luminous. You will walk in joy, beauty and grace as an earth keeper on mother earth. You become a Pampa Mesayok! You will create your own Mesa; your healing bundle out of 13 stones and crystals and you will be connected to the lineage of ancient shamans of the Anden Incan Tradition. You will be part of an universal, worldwide lineage of Healers who put themselves into service for the highest good of humankind and our planet.


9. – 16. May: 

„Sachamama – Amaru“ – the serpent, element earth and the winds of the south.
Main theme of the Module:
Step on the place of a shaman. You will receive the first 4 Initiations from the Munay Ki Rites (Healers Rites, Bands of Power, Harmony Rites & Kawak; the Seer Rite)


„Choquechinchay“ – Otrongo” – the Jaguar, element water and the winds of the west.
Main theme of the Module:
Learn how to transform heavy energies (Hucha) into light energies (Sami). Receive the Daykeeper and the Wisdomkeeper Rites.


20. – 27. July:

„Cewa Kinti – the hummingbird, element air and the winds of the north.
Main theme of the Module:
Listen to the voice of your soul and learn to understand it.
You will receive the Earthkeeper & Starkeeper Rites.


„Apuchin/Kuntur“ – the eagle, element fire and the winds of the east.
Main theme of the Module:
Free yourself from karmic entanglements, rise in consciousness and realize your destiny.
You will receive the Creator Rite.


Contents of the course include:
*Prayer Bundle Ceremony.
*Fire ceremonies
*Shamanic journeys to the lower and upper worlds
*opening the sacred space
*Creating sand paintings
*Creating soul maps
*learning to track – reading tracks
*developing connection to your mesa stones
and much more…
1. – 7. September: Lightbody School – shamanic work with clients:

The Light Body School is a training where the Earth Keepers who have gone through the Medicine Wheel learn energy medicine on the client. The Light Body School is a very profound training for the shamanic work on the client.

When a person has had a traumatic experience, it leaves an energetic imprint in the person’s energy field on an energetic level. This can cause us to attract the same situations and people who then trigger this programmed imprint through their behavior and we again experience a repetition emotionally, psychologically and mentally. We get stuck in our dramas and at some point feel as if we cannot free ourselves from these repetitions. These imprints can also attract foreign energies and/or a soul part has been lost in the experience.

In a shamanic energy session, toxic energies can be released and cleansed, unhealthy soul contracts (beliefs) can be released, self-healing powers can be activated, and soul parts can be retrieved.

Illuminating the Chakras – You will learn the Illumination process where you release and cleanse a traumatic imprint in the energy field.

Extracting Entities and Foreign Energies

Soul Retrieval – you learn how to retrieve lost soul parts for the client.

Rites of Passage – you will learn how to let old issues “die”, bring dead souls who are still trapped into the light and a 7 chakra illumination.

Hof Jakob
Ausbau nach Petersdorf 3
15326 Zeschdorf/Petershagen
Please discuss and reserve accommodation requests in advance with Karin.



From 08/2020 to 01/2021 I completed the journey through the medicine wheel according to the Inca tradition with Annette. The training consists of four modules, which correspond to the four cardinal directions and each exude their own energy. With each step, the “soul ballast” became a little lighter. It truly felt like a healing journey. My light body was illuminated (), my shadows integrated (), roles dissolved () and projections transformed into creations (). Annette spun the sacred space for our group to freely unfold and discover our very own medicine. For these gifts, I am blessed. Despite -quite worldly- challenges in the past year, Annette made it possible with empathy, humor and passion for us to complete this light-filled journey. So that we can become earth keepers who in turn bring visionary power, unconditional love and physical mastery to the world. Thank you for your inspiration, Annette. With love, Ann



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