Shamanic Energy Medicine – spiritual Coaching

I offer spiritual Coaching. When a person has had a traumatic experience, it leaves an energetic imprint in the energy field of the person. This can cause that we are attracted to the same situations and people, who then trigger this programmed imprint through their behaviour and we experience a repetition emotionally and mentally. We get stuck in our dramas and at some point we feel as if we cannot free ourselves from these repetitions. These imprints can also attract external energies and/or a part of the soul is lost in the experience.

In a shamanic energy session toxic energies can be dissolved and purified, bad soul contracts (core beliefs) can be dissolved, the self-healing powers of the client can be activated and soul parts can be retrieved.

I see myself as support in accompanying you, to step back into your power and Self-Responsability.

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A shamanic energy session does not replace a doctor or alternative practitioner.

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