Light Body School

The Light Body School is a training where the Earth Keepers who have gone through the Medicine Wheel learn energy medicine on the client. The Light Body School is a very profound training for the shamanic work on the client.

When a person has had a traumatic experience, it leaves an energetic imprint in the person’s energy field on an energetic level. This can cause us to attract the same situations and people who then trigger this programmed imprint through their behavior and we again experience a repetition emotionally, psychologically and mentally. We get stuck in our dramas and at some point feel as if we cannot free ourselves from these repetitions. These imprints can also attract foreign energies and/or a soul part has been lost in the experience.

In a shamanic energy session, toxic energies can be released and cleansed, unhealthy soul contracts (beliefs) can be released, self-healing powers can be activated, and soul parts can be retrieved.

  1. Module: Illuminating the Chakras – You will learn the Illumination process where you release and cleanse a traumatic imprint in the energy field.
  2. Module: Extracting Entities and Foreign Energies
  3. Module: Soul Retrieval – you learn how to retrieve lost soul parts for the client.
  4. Module: Rites of Passage – you will learn how to let old issues “die”, bring dead souls who are still trapped into the light and a 7 chakra illumination.