Munay Ki Rites

The prophecies of the ancient indigenous wisdom keepers speak of this time as a time of great transformation; a time when an incredible change will take place in the world. They foretold that a new humanity would appear on this planet – people full of wisdom and power, who, far from all fears and limitations, would live their eternal nature and place themselves at the service of creation.

The Munay Ki – rites transform and renew your energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal your wounds of the past – your karmic and your genetic inheritance. They re-inform your DNA and enable you to create a new body – a body that ages, heals and dies differently. Your body becomes a rainbow body and they connect you to all life, the earth, the sun and the stars. The Munay Ki rites are your invitation to dream a completely new world into existence.

These rites help you to unfold your full potential as a divine being. They help you with your soul integration process, also called light body process.

Rite 1: Healers Rites – Healing Rite
The Healer Rite connects you with a lineage of healers.

Rite 2: Bands of Power
Five energetic bands are woven into your energy field for your protection.

Rite 3: Harmony Rites
Transfer of 7 archetypes into the chakras, which bring you into harmony.

Rite 4: Seer Rite
An extra-cerebral path of light is laid, which connects your cerebral cortex with the 3rd eye and your heart chakra.

Rite 5: Daykeeper’s Rite (Pampa Mesayok)
You will be connected to a lineage of master healers and gain access to ancient altars.

Rite 6: Wisomkeepers Rites – Wisdom Keeper Rite (Alto Mesayok)

You connect with a line of light beings from the past and the future.

Rite 7: Earthkeeper Rites (Kurak Akulleq)
This rite connects you with the archangels, the guardians of this galaxy and all life.

Rite 8: Starkeepers Rites (Taytanchi Rites)

These seeds will help you to anchor yourself securely in the time after the great change, starting in 2012.

Rite 9: Creator Rites
The rite of creation awakens your creative light within you.

13th Rite: The Rite of the Womb

A lineage of medicine women from the Amazon in Peru have recently received and passed on the rites for healing the womb. These rites are for women to heal their uterus and thus their womb.  All traumas related to sexuality and the holding back of our true, wild nature can finally come into transformation. The line Shipibo from the jungle have freed themselves from suffering and want to remind us of this:

Our womb is not a place to store fear and pain.

Our womb is there to create and give birth to all life.

Let us heal our womb, let us heal the womb of our mothers, sisters and daughters. And so let us bring healing to Mother Earth!