A Journey through the Medicine Wheel – Inca World

An Earthkeeper is a person who sees with the heart and is again in touch with the spiritual and universal laws and forces. Everything in the universe and on earth is living and vibrating energy. An Earth Keeper opens up to these invisible worlds of energies and natural forces. In the Andes tradition the shamanic and mystical path is understood as Pukllay Kawsay (game of life) and is based on two principles:

Santa Karachi Qellqa – spiritual law and

Ayni – sacred exchange.

The spiritual path of the Children of the Sun (the Incas) is a path of human potential and higher consciousness. It is about creating a state of mutual and living balance within us between the highest virtues within us: visionary power (Yachay), unconditional love (Munay) and physical mastery (Llankay).

The big universal heart is the vehicle to make forgiveness and inner liberation possible. To live with an open and receptive heart means to practice Ayni (sacred reciprocity), become a vessel of compassionate love, reclaim our lost soul parts, meet our shadows and experience emotional clearing. And we begin to act peacefully and live in integrity.

Becoming an Earth Keeper means that you increase your ability to manifest change in this world. An important part is for you to personally find out what your medicine is, what you want to share with your family, your friends, your community and the planet itself, and how you want to “serve” something greater.

Education info:

The journey through the medicine wheel is a shamanic annual program with four modules. Each module lasts 3 1/2 days from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon.

In each module we enter into a cardinal point, an element and an archetype that accompany, guide and support us in our healing and consciousness process.

In each training module we will heal old wounds, traumas and pains within us and purify our light body. We grow with every direction, create new space within us and can realign ourselves. We cleanse ourselves freely so that our light body becomes a radiant rainbow body and we can go to Pachamama (Mother Earth) as guardians of the earth in grace, beauty and joy. You will create your own mesa (holy altar) out of 13 healing stones and connect it with the shamanic Andes lineage. You will become part of a worldwide, universal shamanic lineage that is committed to the well-being of people and the planet.

Module 1 “Sachamama – Amaru” – the snake and the winds of the south:

You strip away your past, release traumas from your energy field and come into your true power. You activate your mesa and thus your path as an earth guardian. You receive the Ayni Karpays; a healing rite and protective bands.

Module 2 “Choquechinchay” – Otrongo” – the jaguar and the winds of the west:

You meet your shadows, fears and death and make it your friend. You receive the little death rites and free yourself from the perpetrator-victim-savior triangle and the entanglements with your ancestors. You end past lives and their karma. True transformation can take place! Connect to the lineage of the Earth Keepers!

Module 3 “Cewa Kinti – the hummingbird and the winds of the north:

You make yourself aware of your roles in this life and burn them. You free yourself from concepts, expectations and fixed images within you. You open up to the incredible possibilities. Connection to the line of the wisdom keepers!

Module 4 “Apuchin/Kuntur” – the eagle and the winds of the east:

You become aware of your own perceptions and projections. You close all the back doors that stop you from coming into your true power. You start to create your life as you want it to be. You receive the rite of the stars!

In deep gratitude and respect to all my teachers, I now pass on the Inca knowledge to you.

Contents of the course among others:

*Prayer Bundle Ceremonies

*Fire ceremonies

*Shamanic journeys to the underworld and the upper world


*Opening Sacred Space

*creating sand paintings


*Shadow work

*Free from the perpetrator-victim-savior triangle

*Recognize & resolve projections

*enter your own power

*Create soul maps

*Learn to track

*Connecting to your mesa stones

*meditations and much more 🙂

The cost for the whole Training:

1.500,- Euro


Reduced Fee (individual agreement):

1.300,- Euro


Next Dates expected in 2022!

If you are a small group (4 people at least), you can also book me in private.