LUNAR PATH – a 6 months Immersion into your Soul Star


The Lunar Path awakens the Star Priestess within you through Initiations of the Pleiades, Venus, Sirius, Orion, the Southern Cross and Mercury, creating your Crystal Mesa, connecting to your soul, deepen your sensitivity as a Priestess and walk the path of Beauty and Power. You will reconnect with the divine Goddess, the female creatrix force, an ancient Lineage of Priestesses, the wisdom keepers, and Star Beings. You will regain your original divine feminine Matrix. This means coming back into balance with mother earth and the Cosmos.

The lunar path is the descending cosmic serpent filling you with cosmic light bringing you back to the natural cycles of the cosmos and your soul. It’s the awakening of your inner wisdom and understanding of your soul. Your unique spiritual flower will blossom to unfold the sweet nectar of your soul.

In this path, we will also connect to the star wisdom and knowledge. The stars have always been the seat of knowledge, wisdom, and higher consciousness in ancient cultures. They helped them to live in harmony with the universal laws. This medicine connects us with the universal forces to get whole again and work with higher consciousness and unite polarities within us.

Content of the Immersion amongst others:

* Initiations of the Pleiades
* Creation of you Crystal Mesa
* Working with Crystals and Light from the Stars
* Initiations of Southern Cross, Venus, Mercury, Sirius and Orion
* The Council of Light and the Stars
* Awakening of the Elven Star
* Dream Healing
* Your Soul Song – your unique Soul Vibration will be activated
* Become a channel/ messenger/medium
* Working with crystal skulls

Starting Ceremony will be Friday 11th of November at 6 pm (Berlin Time)

We meet twice a month via Zoom on Thursday Evening from 7 – 10 pm (Berlin Time) starting 17th of November

The Immersion has it´s peak in a 7 days Journey to the UK; 3 days in Cornwall (Tintagel, St. Nectan´s Glen and Camelot) and Thursday to Sunday in Glastonbury including the visit of Stonehedge and Avebury.
DATES: 10. – 16. April 2023

1.200,- Euro


in six installments
EUR 220 monthly – EUR 1320 total

in three installments
EUR 430 monthly – EUR 1290 total

in one installment*
EUR 1200 – best Price

In the Price is included:

* LIVE Zoom Call & Recording of the Session
* Handouts – Workbook
* Guided Meditation – Audio Recording
* Teachings
* spiritual Journey to AVALON, Cornwall & Glastonbury, UK

In the Price is not included:

Travel Cost, Accommodation and Full Board


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